Natasha (Tash) Baldwin

Natasha (Tash) began her career producing TV commercials for brands such as Lindt, Paco Rabanne and Lee Jeans, and music videos for artists such as Elton John, Leanne Rimes and Toploader.  In 2001 Natasha joined the Boosey & Hawkes Production Library business. In 2004 she became Head of Music Consultancy responsible for the company's UK synchs business and by 2008 she was responsible for the group's worldwide synch business.  Following the acquisition of Boosey & Hawkes in 2008, Natasha was promoted to Group VP of Syncs & Creative Services for the Imagem group becoming responsible for the creative exploitation of all of the theatrical, classical, jazz and pop catalogues across the company and she started to develop Imagem Creative Services operations in Los Angeles and Berlin.  Following her promotion to Group President Creative & Marketing in early 2013, Natasha also started developing new IP from existing Imagem assets such as movie and TV biopics as well as procurement of media partner joint venture opportunities alongside global sync.