André de Raaff

André de Raaff (1953) began his career as Creative Manager at the music publishing company Warner-Basart (the Dutch branch of Time Warner) in 1971, promoted to Managing Director in 1978. From 1990 to 1999 De Raaff was President/CEO of Europe’s largest independent record company and music publisher, Arcade. In late 1999, De Raaff was responsible for the merger of Arcade with the leading Dutch independent publisher Strengholt, resulting in one of Europe’s largest independent music publishers. Simultaneously, De Raaff became a member, and later chairman, of the Board of Directors of the Strengholt Group. In 2004, De Raaff joined forces with Denis Wigman and Bob Hubar to found CTM. (Hubar died in 2008.) De Raaff is board member of the mechanical and performance rights organization Buma/Stemra as well as CEO of the Imagem Music Group.