When The Dust Settles: Klangstof

Nov 21, 2017
When in the middle of making of a record, it’s tempting to ignore the extra stuff that goes alongside music. Artwork, titles, how to play songs live - these are often afterthoughts. With Amsterdam-based musician Klangstof, however, he had everything in place before the sound

In Dutch, the band name translates into two parts; “Klang” meaning “Reverb” and “Stof” meaning “Dust”. As far as summaries go for Koen van de Wardt’s music, these two words do the job. Reverb-drenched, light as dust, spacious pop rules the roost on debut album ‘Close Eyes to Exit’, which came out earlier this year.

“I heard the word “Klangstof” and I thought it should sound like this,” Koen remembers. “Then the artwork came, and it felt to me like, ‘This is me’. I was almost inspired by my own name and artwork, which was really weird.” In some ways, it’s a similar process to how Stanley Donwood paints Radiohead artwork while listening in on their studio sessions, or how Frank Ocean put together a great big magazine while making ‘Blonde’.

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