Imagem FTV

By owning and controlling the music publishing rights in commissioned music, a producer benefits from the royalties that are generated each time the music is broadcast and in so doing creates a long term asset which grows the more productions are added and from further licensing and exploitation.

Every broadcast or cinema exhibition your owned music receives anywhere in the world generates a royalty (excluding US theatrical) for the composer and you as the music publisher (if you retain a share in these rights). Over a period of time this can generate significant additional revenue to your core business for little or no additional outlay.

Imagem FTV specialises in offering an administration service to producers to maximize revenues from these rights or alternatively fund music costs on productions in return for these rights.

Company Overview:

Imagem FTV, a JV between Jonathan Channon and the Imagem Music Group, was set up nearly three years ago specifically to publish Television and Film producer music rights. Previously Jonathan established, managed and built this business at one of the Major music publishers for eighteen years and was involved in the setting up and running of a number of highly profitable media rights deals.

Imagem FTV utilizes Imagem Music Groups infrastructure including copyright, royalties, tracking, business affairs and its worldwide network with society memberships and direct membership of most major collecting societies worldwide, to run the business.

In the UK our television clients include, Drama Republic, Hat Trick and Plum, Avalon, Topical, Flame, Mainstreet Pictures, Buccaneer, Agatha Christie Productions, and most recently Ink factory for the highly acclaimed ‘The Night Manager’. In addition we have funded the music costs to a number of US feature films in return for full ownership of music rights ourselves. This is something we wish to develop.

At a time when producers are looking to control costs and create and grow new revenues, we believe this offers a genuine opportunity to do just that.

For more information, please contact:

Jonathan Channon

Managing Director
+44 (0)20 7054 7200